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1-year career accelerator for high potential engineers who want to build a career in the engineering world and want to work on their leadership skills, network and influence.

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You’re an engineering student or recent graduate thinking about your next career step. You consider yourself a high potential, you know that if you are put in the right situation you will make the most out of it. Engineering is your passion.

This 1-year accelerator has been built for soon to be graduate engineering students or recently graduated engineers who want to get there faster.

You want to learn from the best. You are looking for growth, challenges, network and leadership-skills. You are hungry for feedback and improvement. You need opportunities and exposure, and a team of mentors and influencers to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

How do we work?

New Engineers Accelerator Program is a completely new model for high potential engineers. The 1-year experience takes place in the Netherlands, mostly at inspiring partner companies, as well as the New Engineers learning locations. You get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, personal coaching, industry opportunities, and the network you need to reach your goals faster.

NEW Meet the team behind New Engineers

Leijla Brouwer en Vincent Wiegel
Leijla Brouwer and Vincent Wiegel
The class
Students ‘Year 1’ - New Engineers

Lejla Brouwer and Vincent Wiegel are the founders of New Engineers.

They strongly believe in new ways of education and development. A completely new program of education for engineers is developed in cooperation with the companies in Gelderland and support of the Province of Gelderland. Trained engineers are very important for the development of the industry in Gelderland. Changes in economy and society require new ways of business development. This places new demands on companies and employees.

The trainee program is for talented engineers with bachelor or master degree, to kick-start their career by developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Companies, students and experts together have developed the curriculum. In 2017 students of Year 1 have successfully finished their program.

Insight from industry leaders

Throughout the 1-year trajectory, you'll get lectures, assignments and working experience from coaches, established experts and engineers who are succeeding in the industry today.

Combined with regular feedback sessions, you will get the knowledge and insight that will help you complete practical assignments that you need to fulfil your vision.

A network of challenges and opportunity

Work on fixing real problems. Our course partners provide us with a constant flow of challenges and problems for you and your future team to fix. Interesting challenges set by industry leaders will give you the stimulus to discover and work with local and international peers.

Then it's time to put all into action. We leverage our industry connections to provide opportunities for work and recognition.


University Master education New Engineers education
Learning environment Teaching in the classroom Teaching in a business environment
Gaining work experience Short-term internships Development of concrete work experience
Coaching and mentoring Education given by teachers Education given by successful experts in the industry
Curriculum Fixed educational curriculum Personally tailored curriculum to your ambition and required development
Personal development Curriculum focused mainly on obtaining knowledge Curriculum focused on obtaining present knowledge and developing skills
Gain for student Because of limited work experience focus on applying for starters functions Through experience and development obtained in your current position ready for a next step

Case study: Else Noë

Graduated New Engineers Program - Year 1 

“I am very happy to have received my diploma from New Engineers! But the piece of paper has never been the scope of this year. From pressure cooker projects in Sarajevo to day to day hard work at Bredenoord's New Business department. This traineeship has taught me many valuable lessons and gave me a chance to meet a lot of incredible people. A big thanks to Vincent Wiegel and Lejla Brouwer for making this program a reality and guiding us through the year! Hip Hip Hurray for Year 1! Made it!”

Meet our experts

The New Engineers Accelerator Program works with international experts. The experts contribute their specific knowledge and expertise you need to develop your skills and reach your goals.

Dave Gray

Innovation and change


Lean/Agile coach


Integral design thinker


Trainer learning skills


Strategy and innovation


Parts on Demand


Trainer learning skills



what your year ahead looks like

We have developed this accelerator to help you become the new generation of engineers our world needs, and take the place in the industry you deserve. Have a look at what the next year could hold for you.

Step 1:
Explore your ambition

Selection of challenges
Match student & company
Step 2:

Start intense year of learning

Study, work, learn, create, present, get feedback

Step 3:
Present your solution of the challenge

You've proven to be a game changer
Kick start
Becoming the new generation You are a good engineer. But are you an effective one? To have impact on the world you need to engineer good, innovative stuff but you must also convince other people to work with you, get their input to make your ideas stronger. Innovating is a focused activity with multiple disciplines, and a sound understanding of business. This is the new generation of engineers industry is looking for.
Define your vision, set your goals We will not tell you what you must learn. You are in control. We will work to help you refine your vision and goals. And then we tailor the program to your ambitions. You will learn the deep knowledge of engineering you need, you will learn the right skills and develop the mindset to succeed.
Your USPs There are enough jobs for engineers but not so many careers. Industry needs people who get things done, who are willing to learn new stuff fast. You will learn all these things. And that will pave the way for a fast track career.
Building teams The world is too complex for anyone to work on his own. The best engineers are the ones that know how to build a team to get things done, how to be a leader.
Your mindset Being talented is not enough to succeed. It needs the right mindset of dedication, entrepreneurship, discipline and creativity to get to the top.
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Our challenges

For ambitious engineers how want a challenging start of their career

  • Systems Engineering 4 challenges
    EPR -1
    EPR -2
  • Mechanical Engineering 3 challenges
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 8 challenges
  • Electronics 3 challenges
  • Mechatronics 3 challenges

Expert opinion: Dave gray

Author of: The Connected Company, Visual Thinking and Liminal Thinking

I regularly give lectures, presentations and workshops to companies. They average an hour max. Never have I ever spent 5 full days giving intensive classes to a group of ambitious students like at New Engineers. I think that the New Engineers program is extremely innovative, a transformation that is also necessary in the United States. This program is more efficient than any program that I have ever encountered.

What do our
partners say about us?

What our partners think of our program and students.

The topics covered by New Engineers match perfectly with the activities and needs of our company.

Maarten Hummelen

Marketing director, GSE Dispensing

We are really very happy and satisfied with ‘our’ new engineer. Next year we hope to welcome more of these excellent students.

Bas Ceelen

General manager, Modderkolk

The approach of New Engineers is a success. For us it is an excellent way to improve our New Business unit. New Engineers helps us getting inflow of younger staff. And I have a year to see how it turns out. The innovative new engineers give us the input we need!

Maarten Waaijenberg

Director, Kamp Coating

As a company we are always looking for studies that really help develop our staff. The curriculum is geared towards what we need as a company. Because the company is deeply involved during the program, we know what our students are learning. Students bring back to our company their new skills and knowledge. They are able to apply this immediately in their challenge. The results are showing!

Dick Klaassen

Teamleader Application Engineering, Bredenoord

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